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Jump back to a time before YouTube by delving into the 5MadMovieMakers archives. These old-school miniature roller coasters are the predecessors to today's bigger and badder Hot Wheels tracks, marble runs, and Lego railways. Shot from 2002 to 2007, the footage gives insight into the origins of this channel.

Music: "Welcome to Bay Beach!" and "Zippin Pippin" by Trapper Schoepp
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Filmed with a Magnavox CVL325 VHS camcorder and a Sony CCD-TRV82 mini DV camcorder. The footage is at 60fps and has a resolution near 710x480. Transferred digitally with the I-o Data GV-USB2 cord. Special thanks to Trapper Schoepp for the music, my siblings for helping build the roller coasters back in the day, my parents for buying great construction toys, and Matt and Andrew for their editing advice.

Hot Wheels Redwood Track

Marble Runs: https://youtu.be/IPMvlHVNR7g?list=PL602556C428E88B6D
Lego Roller Coasters: https://youtu.be/cDkfYYX_ORg?list=PL7E53D939DC0CB341
Knex Roller Coasters: https://youtu.be/eiZf32G4A3c?list=PLD3F47DEACC71D322
Stop Motion Animations: https://youtu.be/gLnDkw1Z1YI?list=PLD5_2v4-fG-1R6Sw2T6C-8y0v-qpzBJo0
Hot Wheels: https://youtu.be/GVKhyoQeOu8?list=PLD5_2v4-fG-0OwscxbJQ8-n9HF7BM-ntR

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