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It's wintertime and I took the opportunity to put together a sledding adventure video. Ride along as the sled shoots through colored gates and travels from one winter wonderland to another. Fly past trees, down slopes, and through icy neighborhoods on the quest for the most epic sled ride ever.

Filmed in Colorado with a GoPro Hero 4 Session. The sled is a red Snow Boogie, the gates were made with PVC pipe from Home Depot and cloth from Hobby Lobby, and the flags were made with ski poles and cardboard. Filming took place on 5 different days; there are 8 locations and 9 cuts in total.

Special thanks to the Anderson Family for their hospitality and Ben Hunter at 33 Years Productions for his assistance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5lyRnUoeGmNl3R2RP7mn-g

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