Mickey Mouse McDONALDS DRIVE THRU Prank! w/ Frozen Elsa Hulk Spiderman Movie Kids Toys in Real Life video

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Mickey Mouse McDONALDS DRIVE THRU Prank! w/ Frozen Elsa Joker Hulk Spiderman Movie Kids Toys in Real Life

Mickey Mouse's clubhouse is hungry he wants to eat some burgers ! Magical mickey mouse transform his small toy blue motorbike to a giant power wheels ride on motorbike for children ! He decides to go to mcdonalds drive thru! Joker serve him a Happy Meal with a rc car toy but in his way while unboxing the new rc car toy red he takes the remote controller to pranks mickey in a funny way. Mickey mouse is happy he get a surprise toys and a balloon🎈 but reckless joker pops his balloon ! Mickey goes to sit next to a ball pit show to eat his burger and his french fries, he then plays with his brand new rc car toy found in his happy meal! Joker pranks him and makes his rc car fall in pool, mickey is sad and don't understand until joker comes in hit him and makes him fall in pool! Joker is laughing and stealing his motorbike, then here comes Hulk police to the rescue of mickey mouse! Hulk arrest Joker with a nerf gun and puts him in prison and mickey is saved as is his motorbike! Then Hulk police goes to mcdonalds ! .

Enjoy this parody with all your favorite superheroes videos with your family fun! Thanks for watching my funny movies videos for kids!

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